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VHF Communications Magazine


Anyone looking for a manufacturer of attenuators and switches of all sizes for the microwave range should download the entire catalogue of this company (over 150 pages) from their homepage in pdf format . In addition to basic introductory information, there is an enormous range of products available there, and you’ll undoubtedly find something to solve your problem.

Address: http://www.jfwindustries.com


If you want to use coaxial switches in SMD format (e.g. SPDT type = single pole / double through) in your development work, you could well just take a look at this company’s site. The frequency range on offer goes from DC up to 26GHz, but there are also couplers, dividers, terminations, attenuators, DC blocks, BIAS tees, detectors, etc..

Address: http://www.rlcelectronics.com


A well-known name for a very wide range of HF and microwave components (couplers, mixers, amplifier components, dividers, attenuators, etc.....). It’s worth visiting their homepage, as there you will find not only numerous documents for downloading but also an endless succession of new ideas. The most recent products are passive mixers with fabulous IP3 values going up to +38dBm, or the interesting and reasonably priced "Bluecell Mixer".

Address: http://www.minicircuits.com


Here you can, find out all about microwave diodes, i.e. Schottky diodes, PIN diodes, tunnel diodes, varactor diodes, etc. Naturally, there are also comprehensive catalogues, data sheets and application notes.

Address: http://www.metelics.com

Marki Microwave

Never heard of them? Well, anyone who’s looking for fast doublers, mixers, multipliers or converters at reasonable prices for the frequency range between 0 and 40GHz in SMD format should take a glance at this page.

Address: http://www.MarkiMicrowave.com

Analog Devices

A big name in the field of IC production, mainly active in analogue circuits, D/A converters, RF-ICs, etc. and also in digital signal processors. The technical documentation has been greatly expanded, and especially the basic tutorials (e. g. on digital signal processors). You can look around for hours now and find more and more new stuff to download.

Address:  http://www.analog.com


Following the change of name and the re-organisation of the company (formerly Hewlett Packard), calm is slowly returning to the homepage as well, together with the quality that we were used to. So it’s worthwhile taking another trip through the various areas on display, and in particular having a look at "Semiconductors/RF and Microwave", where all the previous application notes are back with a new look together with some genuinely new items.

Some splendid new tutorials have been added in the "Gauging Equipment" section as well (e.g. how to use network analysers or the basic principles of noise factor measurement). An intensive search (using the Agilent search engine) is not only rewarding but should not be missed.

Address: http://www.agilent.com

Texas Instruments / Burr Brown

The sector’s giant and the inventor of TTL technology has made a discovery. High quality analogue technology is also important, and has a big future in connection with modern digital signal processing. So it’s not a question of re-inventing the wheel, it’s more that a well-known and worthy representative of the analogue branch has simply bought it up. So we also find the former Burr-Brown application notes here in the TI homepage in downloadable form.

Naturally, the themes are essentially concerned with every conceivable OPV application, but rf communications engineering and the analogue components required in DSP systems are also appreciated.

Address: http://www.ti.com

RFMD (RF Micro Devices)

Another well-known manufacturer of standard microwave components, producing everything needed for circuit development from amplifiers or mixers through the front end right to the attenuator or the switch MMIC. Support is exemplary once again, in the form of many data sheets and technical notes that are available free of charge from the homepage.

Address: http://www.rfmd.com

Rogers Corporation

The manufacturer of RT-Duroid and other printed circuit board materials making its very comprehensive range available, together with all conceivable technical data, in the form of pdf files. There is also a free download area containing a stripline calculator and a "Flex-Analysis" program for investigating modern printed circuit boards that can be rolled up like a cigarette with the components fitted.

Address:  http://www.rogerscorporation.com

K&L Microwave

K&L are a filter specialist who makes everything possible – well, everything guaranteed to be manufactured. From the LC filter to the bandpass wave guide filter, from the cavity filter to the duplexer, the customers can have whatever they want. The homepage includes a collection of pdf files on complete filters, also a download area, so that the filter data can be matched with suitable programs, and consequently you can have your own filters made. Of great interest, and a good test for your knowledge, are the two pages of filter definitions and filter specifications in the "Products" section. This brings together all specialist filter terminology with a clear explanations.

Address:  http://www.klmicrowave.com

Linear Technology

It must be because of the time of year, new products are sprouting in HF companies. The homepages have new products and the document collections are being extended. If you haven’t seen the new version of this site yet, you might find it all a bit overwhelming when you make your net visit.

Address:  http://www.linear.com


A specialist in VCO’s and PLL’s, with a very attractive range of products for the HF and gigahertz sectors. Also very attractive is the documentation on offer, including a lot of interesting application notes.

Address: http://www.zcomm.com/home.htm

JQL Electronics Inc.

A site with a wide range of microwave components such a circulators, isolators and ferrite materials.

Address: http://www.jqlelectronics.com


A very well-known name among IC manufacturers. This company has markedly increased its activities under the heading of “Modern wireless communications technology” and massively increased the quantity of application notes are available. All of this has been revised and now appears with a new look that makes it a pleasure just to go into various subjects a bit more deeply (which naturally include the “Wireless, RF and Cable” section).

Address: http://www.maxim-ic.com/appnotes10.cfm/


This is a new name to learn and get accustomed to looking at their home page from time to time. Following the change from Hewlett Packard to Agilent there have been more changes making a completely separate company for all semiconductor activities. It will take time to get accustomed to the new homepage until you find familiar things (Application Notes, data sheets etc.).

Address: http://www.avagotech.com/

ASI (Advanced Semiconductor)

The speciality of this company is the manufacture of microwave transistors and diodes. The web site has data sheets available under the Downloads and Resources headings, a fantastic find!

Address: http://www.advancedsemiconductor.com/

Down East Microwave

Down East Microwave are a rare company, they not only publish a picture of the finished component and the technical data but also a photo of the PCB as well as a circuit diagram. Interesting for own work! The example is a low noise amplifier but the full catalogue has much of interest.

Example LNA article Address: http://www.downeastmicrowave.com/PDF/915lna.PDF

Full catalogue Address:  http://www.downeastmicrowave.com/Catalog.htm


A very well known Far East company famous for coils, capacitors, filter etc. There are not only the product specifications, but also the collection at S-parameter files to the Download. The documentation with the measuring conditions are worth reading with the S-parameter files for separate frequency ranges.


a. homepage: http://www.murata-europe.com/

b. S-parameter collection: http://www.murata.co.jp/sparameter/index.html

c. Measurement of the S-parameters: http://www.murata.co.jp/sparameter/measure.html

Ecoflex coax cable

For those in the UK the low loss coax cables from SSB electronics can be purchased from Diode Electronics. There is a range of cables in the Aircell, Ecoflex and Aircom ranges. Ecoflex 15 offers 9.8dB/100m loss at 1GHz with a maximum frequency of 6GHz, Aircom plus offers 13.4dB/100m at 1GHz with a maximum frequency of 12GHz.

Address: http://www.diodecomms.co.uk/


The products from this company cannot be ignored. They are an RF and microwave specialist and supply an almost infinite number of interesting products. They have a lot of information on the Internet This site has many interesting items in the literature section such as a PLL calculator and a mixer track calculator, available under the heading “engineering tools”.

Address: http://www.hittite.com


This is very good: You will find a company that not only supplies the latest products but also worries about the emergency requirement of developers and radio amateurs.

There is a full online catalogue of all products. This includes a genuine electronics flea market in plain language and clear pictures, with “Surplus Offers” of microwave components or complete microwave modules. There is also PCB material and all at reasonable prices plus delivery anywhere. You must visit this site.

Address: http://www.rfmicrowave.it

Mini Kits

Australia's Largest range of Electronic Kits and Components in Stock for the Radio Experimenter

Address: http://www.minikits.com.au/

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