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VHF Communications Magazine

Antenna Site Links

Collection of antenna design software

Just another little collection of CAD programs for antennas. Things keep turning up here that you didn’t know before.

Address: http://www.dxzone.com/catalog/Software/Antenna_analysis

Antenna software

This homepage gives many useful links to antenna design and calculation software.

Address: http://www.ac6v.com/antsoftware.htm

Helix Antenna Design and Construction detail

Who is interested in this type of antenna or would like to experiment. Here is a beautiful empirical report on this topic.

Address: http://www.jcoppens.com/ant/helix/index.en.php

Propagation Tutorial

A very well presented and easy to read tutorial with plenty of information on antennas, wave equations, propagation, reflections, Noise….?

Address: http://www.mike-willis.com/Tutorial/PF13.htm

Microwave Antenna Design Calculator Download

This Calculator makes the design of a microwave antenna a joy and is easy to understand. You must register first, but the software is really worth it.

Address: http://www.q-par.com/antenna-calculator

EZNEC Model files

EZNEC is a simulation program for wire antenna simulation in the frequency range up to 1GHz. It can save many unnecessary prototypes and tests. The program does not give complete building and assembly instruction, but the simulation results are so good that usually only fine adjustments are necessary. EZNEC is a good low cost entry into simulation. To save re-inventing the wheel it is a good idea to look at finished projects. This helps to learn how the software works and secondly and existing project can be adapted. Here is a source of such  small project.

Address: http://www.cal-av.com/2d-40-models.html

Also this site has an interesting offer at the end to download an antenna collection:


The WB0DGF Antenna Site

Since we are already looking at antennas, here are some more. Spend some time to browse through all of the information on offer.

Address: http://wb0dgf.com

Small Spacecraft Antenna Selection Tutorial

Particularly interesting for lovers of horns; not those used for music make, but those that can radiate and receive microwave signals. This is a good overview with an accurate technical background. This is a fascinating subject.

Address: http://www.antdevco.com/ADC-0807201305 - R0 Small Spacecraft Antenna Selection Tutorial.pdf

Designing Antenna systems for Maximum Sensitivity

Everyone wants to try a new antenna system design. It is difficult to define the scope of a design in terms of the main lobe and side lobes. This article is well structured and very useful fopr such a project.

Address: http://www.aktuellum.com/circuits/receiving/

W1GHZ online Microwave Antenna Book

This is really a fine book: a comprehensive representation of this topic that is well written and easily understandably with the latest developments. It is a very good book for its time, the complete work of 12 chapters can be downloaded and it works

Address: http://www.w1ghz.org/antbook/contents.htm

W1GHZ 10GHz site

There are many things to discover. Among other things it is possible to download interesting practical projects and articles from QEX magazine as well as all DUBUS magazine for the period 1982 to 1992.

Address: http://www.w1ghz.org/10g/10g_home.htm

Hoverman HDTV UHF antenna

You never stop learning in the field of communications and this is no exception. If you have never heard of this antenna before it is worth investigating its properties.

Addresses: http://www.jedsoft.org/fun/antennas/dtv/gh.html#toc-3


Circularly Polarised Microstrip Antenna for Cordless Phones

This is a very beautiful patch antenna, but this time in the form of a presentation. It is worthwhile to take a look

Address: http://ndl.ee.ucr.edu/kelly.pdf


This is tha place for antenna theory. There is more than enough information on this site.

Address: http://www.antenna-theory.com/

Antenna circuit design for RFID applications

This application note is from Microchip, a company that is well known for their micro-controllers. They are expanding their product range and therefore such application notes can be found from them. There are more interesting things as well.

Address: http://WW1.microchip.com/downloads/en/AppNotes/00710c.PDF

Directional BiQuad antenna

This web page is interesting not only because of the many pictures showing how to make these antennas, also because of the many links on this topic and the interesting details about the properties of a "Dual BiQuad".

Address: http://www.seattlewireless.net/index.cgi/DirectionalBiQuad