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VHF Communications Magazine

Gunthard Kraus, DG8GB, wrote many articles that were published in VHF Communications Magazine. The last ever VHF Communications Magazine, issue 4/2013, contained no less than 3 articles by Gunthard. This included his regular contribution “Internet Treasure Trove” that had a round up of new material published on The Internet. Many of Gunthard’s articles had detailed designs often using CAD software to develop the finished project.

Gunthard has a web site - www.gunthard-kraus.de - where you will find many designs and tutorials to help you design your own projects. The original articles are in German but many of them have been translated into English (and Russian).

At Christmas 2016 Gunthard sent me a message and included a list of his work since I last published one of his articles. I am going to translate the articles that have not already been translated into English and post them here together with any articles referenced in older VHF Communications Magazines. Gunthard will also post the English translations on his web site.

The articles so far are: